El ave de hermes

En el mar sin posos
permanece el ave de Hermes
Comiendo sus alas variable
Y haciendose a sí mismo más estable todavia
Cuando todas sus plumas se han ido de él
permanece quieto aqui como una piedra
Ahora es ambos blanco y rojo
Y todo como la piedra acelera la muerte
Todo y algo sin fabula
Ambos duro y suave y maleable
Comprende ahora bien y correctamente
Y da gracias a Dios por esta vista.

El ave de Hermes es mi nombre, comiendo mis alas para domarme.

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I found that those better off without me and even though it hurts in the soul and destroys all my heart, I think it best to continue so, I would rather die than go through this, I promised to do everything for you until the end but you decide , decide what I can or can not do and I’ve left hands are tied and I have no choice but to give in, not what will become of me without you but I will not do more damage, you will not make you suffer more my fault, not you cry more for me, and you will not have to worry about me, and you need not worry about me, you’re free to do whatever I want, and I’ll keep always here for whatever you need as I promised, I’ll keep loving like as the first day after all … now and forever </3 

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